Community Participation

What is exciting for you? Is it going to see a movie or a football match?

Perhaps a live concert.

Maybe you would like to learn how to use social media.

We are here to see you experience what brings you happiness.


Household Tasks

We would enjoy assisting you with household tasks. We know the feeling of happiness and pride you have when your home is clean and orderly.

NDIS Supported Independent Living (SIL) allows you to live on your own or with others with a disability.

Your loved one will also receive home disability support service in assistance with everyday tasks. For example:

  • - housekeeping and laundry.
  • - Meals and nutrition.
  • - Taking care of oneself, such as bathing and dressing.
  • - Making and attending appointments.
  • - Medication management.
  • - Organising transport etc.

Life Skills Development

We aim to enhance your quality of life by providing customised training that is focused on helping the individual achieve their highest level of independence.


Daily Tasks

Looking and feeling good, puts you in control. Assistance with personal care, can achieve this.

With respect and dignity, we are there for all your personal care needs.


Assisting Travel/ Transport

Travel allows you independence! We are here to assist you with travel to appointments and outings. If your journey is about you learning to travel by train or bus, we are here to assist you with it as well.


Assisting Personal Activities

Social participation join in the fun! Educational Recreational activities —

New Skills. New Friends. Fostering your strengths allowing you more independence.


Group/ Center Activities

Our primary aim of these Group Activities is to create an atmosphere that is inclusive and inspiring. You will have the opportunity to meet new people, interact with each other, and develop a friendship; thus enhancing skill development through social, cultural, and recreational activities. We can also provide personalized professional assistance as and when required.


STA / Respite

Ericcare provides temporary support and respite for NDIS participants with disabilities who need STA in Bendigo. A short stay away from home.

What Is STA/Respite?

Respite care, also known as Short Term Accommodation (STA), provides temporary support for individuals living with disabilities. This service is meticulously tailored to meet the requirements of NDIS participants who may need a reprieve from their traditional living arrangements, respite for their regular non-professional caregivers, or transitional assistance in certain situations, including family events, holidays, or emergency occurrences. The funding approach considers two primary frameworks:

  • - Short-Term Accommodation and Assistance: A residential-based facility available for short-term stays not exceeding 14 days at any given time.
  • - Overnight Self-Care Assistance: A home-based in-residence service that provides aid in self-care management throughout the night.
What Type of Assistance is Included in STA Respite Services?

STA, or Short-Term Accommodation, encompasses:

  • -Assured personal care and support services
  • -Medical management
  • -Provision of accommodation
  • -Meal provision
  • -Recreational activities mutually agreed upon by you and the provider.

What Our Patients Say

Patient trusted. And family approved. Here are some sentiments and positive experiences that family members of clients took the time to share about Ericscare and our caregivers.