Community Participation

NDIS Social and Community Participation in Melbourne

Ericcare provides 24/7 personalised, dedicated support. Build relationships and maximise your life experiences.

Experience the Excitement of NDIS Community Participation

Through our NDIS Social and Community Participation services, Ericcare is fully equipped to support your active involvement within our community. We will aid in fostering your self-confidence in public settings while also facilitating the development of your capabilities and assisting you in achieving your objectives.

Our program encompasses a wide array of activities, ensuring we cater to diverse interests and needs. A decision to engage with Ericcare will certainly bring you great satisfaction.

We invite you to reach out today for further information on how Ericcare can enhance your participation within society and the community.

What Can You Expect from Our NDIS Social and Community Participation Services in Melbourne?

Embrace a world of opportunities with Ericcare's services – your comprehensive support partner for NDIS Social and Community Participation in Melbourne and the region. We delight in providing an array of services to enrich your life experience, including: Engaging in educational programs tailored to challenge and stimulate your participation at all intellectual levels. Scheduled appointments for routine health check-ups and assessments, ensuring that your well-being always takes priority. Helping you find quantifiable ways to reach your life satisfaction goals.

Supportive public transport assistance is designed to create freedom of movement formed around your specific needs. Encouragement towards active participation in diverse community events that inspire connection. Promoting extensive community engagement amidst the strength of diversity.

We remain unrivaled when it comes to detailing precision-oriented assistance regarding NDIS social and community participation facets in Melbourne and the region - embodying professionalism par excellence in every service aspect we undertake.

Is the NDIS Social and Community Participation Program the Right Choice for You?

Ericcare's Services could be your ideal solution if you want to enhance your social engagement in the local community or simply desire to embark on remarkable journeys and adventures. Should you need clarification regarding the funding available in your NDIS plan, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our team of professionals is readily available to assist.


Alternatively, should you already have an NDIS plan dedicated to facilitating social and community involvement and are keen to discover how Ericcare can assist with this, we encourage you to reach out. We aim to pair you with a member of our team who not only aligns with your interests but also comprehends your unique needs. This personalized approach ensures maximum fulfillment from the experience while fostering anticipation for potential future engagements.

Why Opt for Our Innovative Social and Community Participation Services?

With our groundbreaking, trusted community participation service, you are opening yourself up to a world of opportunities and extensive benefits. Here's why:

Our dedicated support staff is committed to aiding your integration into the community while nurturing the necessary skills that will allow for sustainable connectivity.

Additionally, our team actively contributes to your personal development by providing adequate assistance in reaching the requisite vocational competencies. In this regard, we help facilitate your search and application process toward suitable activity experiences to immerse yourself in your community.

Furthermore, we understand the challenges of using disability aids. Therefore, we will train you on how to use them effectively so that you have the least amount of trouble getting around your neighbourhood. Participating in group activities and events Developing skills for socialisation and integration Interacting with community events Supporting your recreational and leisure activities.

What Our Patients Say

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